As the leading Guernsey agent for Torqeedo Electric outboards we can assist you with any type of electric power plant for your boat.

Torqeedo recently won a DAME award at the World's largest Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam for their new yacht pods, a viable light weight alternative to a sail drive for performance yachts.

We normally carry in stock and can do demonstrations with the Torqeedo 503, 1003 and 1103 engines, the equivalent of a 1.5HP and 3HP petrol engine, ideal to power your tender or as an auxiliary on small yachts. Contact us for special prices and promotional offers.

Torqeedo 1003

For 10 years now Torqeedo has stood for sustainable mobility on the water. Their range of products has grown year after year and now provides drive systems for a variety of boats from the smallest kayaks right up to 80 foot yachts and everything in between. Every Torqeedo offers the following advantages over the conventional petrol powered alternative:

  • Safe, simple operation
  • Clean to use: no smells, no leaks
  • No harmful NOx  and hydrocarbon emissions
  • Keep waterways clean: no exhaust discharge
  • Stylish
  • No pull cord
  • No fire risk carrying petrol on board

In February 2016 we did an endurance trial on one of our Torqeedo 1003s to see if we could get from St Peter Port, Guernsey to the adjacent island of Herm. Going at about 85% throttle we managed to get to within about 150 metres of Herm, meaning that we had managed about 3 miles in 45 minutes.

Since then the "C" models have been brought out with a 73% increase in battery power at the same physical size. This would have been sufficient to get us to Herm and back if we had gone a bit slower!