Sun Yachts is proud to announce that it is now stocking electric bikes. Two models are available the Evora and Elise.

The Kicker is a great new way to propel small tenders with its light weight and convenient features it is easy to fit and store on board any boat. Using a conventional transom mounting it will fit any tender that has an outboard bracket or transom without the need for special fittings.

The motor comes complete with carry bag, charger, spare prop etc for £1,056.75

The Thrustme Cruiser is a version of the Kicker that has a number of different fitting options to allow it to be fitted to kayaks or paddle boards. It can be the main means of propulsion or a safety backup in case you get tired or cramp, need some assistance to get back against a strong tide or wind, or if you need to assist another kayak or board.

Retail price complete £1,056.75

Thrustme Cruiser on Kayak