Your passion is our obsession!

The sea is an endless source of enjoyment.  It is also a source of danger: Ocqueteau builds sports boats for you and your safety.
Established for over 60 years on an island swept by the winter storms, burnt by the summer sun, our two core values are enjoyment and safety. These values are the foundation of our culture. They guide our design criteria, and you will find them in every OCQUETEAU product.


With 60 years of experience in the composite crafts, mechanics, electrical systems and wood, OCQUETEAU INDUSTRIES offers a range of industrial achievements in subcontracting, outsourcing, or custom work.

Subcontracting polyester: OCQUETEAU is the leader in the production of vacuum infusion hulls. Through its exclusive process IFH, Ocqueteau offers highly competitive vacuum infused GRP parts in terms of both price and quality. OCQUETEAU INDUSTRIES supplies to a number of other boat yards. Also, OCQUETEAU INDUSTRIES produces polyester elements of large dimensions or complex shape, in conventional simultaneous spraying method, contact or RTM.
 We also produce under subcontract wood timber production structures, furniture and specific fittings, cabinet work.
 Custom work and assembly of technical installations of medium size, special vehicles, etc.

 Examples of achievements:

- Boat Hulls including semi-rigid such as Zodiac Sea-Hawk

- Complete boat individually or in small batch for professional use, commercial or recreational,

- Insulating shutters, wind turbine blades, personal safes,

- Removable modules for field dressing station, beach or other supervision,
- Body parts for specific vehicles and prototypes,

- Teak furniture (behind the creation of the brand DECKLINE)

- Etc.


Industrial site of 15 000 m², 40 miles south of La Rochelle, 120 miles north of Bordeaux

- Production parts and assemblies from 0.1 to 15 m in size, with high dimensional quality, structural, assembly and appearance.

- Production capacity: 1500 tons/year based composites assembled and finished products.

Ocqueteau Ranges:

Ostrea Range                                                      Timoneer Range                                               Cruiser Range (RC)

Ocqueteau Ostrea 700       Ocqueteau Timoneer     Ocqueteau RC10